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w h o l e self

t e e n s

This is a program like no other, because it is person-centered.

What does that mean? It means we are using YOUR ideas about what YOU want to learn,

instead of what you are used to---- here, learn this. We know full well that one size does not fit

all, and that is important to us. Joining this program means you have 3 other teens for the 6-week program. 

you are committing to yourself. 

you are committing your team. 

 you are committing to hanging out with friends.

you are committing to our city.

The world is pretty tough to navigate for neurotypical brains, so for our brains, it is even harder. Joining Whole Self means you are committing to figuring out what you love and makes you feel joyful, and with our (and your 4-person team) support. 

Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 5.37.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at

t e a m

commitment to

    socializing is
hard, & we know that. working on a     team? also hard.

each week, you will meet as a group twice
for 2 hours each.

this is why

there are four

of you!  this program

will  give you a chance

to support one another as you learn how to work together as

a team.

the first meeting is for the four of you to come together and decide what you want to learn.

you can choose
from A LOT of options. this program is person-centered, meaning we are only going to teach you what you want to learn 
during this time.

after telling us what

you would like to learn,

we will go to our database of humans who have told

us they want to teach, find the

right one, and get them in

to teach.

because you will all be spending so much time with our director, we want you to know we are aware of the potential for co-dependency, which is why we are inviting people from the community to teach, also because our director only has a few skill sets!

learn Adobe Creative Suite
learn to draw on an ipad
learn to make a website
learn to roll sushi
learn to draw faces
learn Microsoft office
learn how to write a resume
learn how to play the drums
learn how to make art out of recycled materials
learn how to get involved in helping the community in various ways.
learn how to make cocktails
learn how soft skills
learn how to blow a picture up really big and print it
learn how to check email and respond
learn to bbq hamburgers
learn to help out with trash pickups in our local rivers
learn how to use transportation services in Columbus
learn how to do laundry

and pretty much anything else that we can
find someone to teach you something!


2 hrs with your
team to learn skills.

getting to know yourself

advocating for yourself

Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at

trying new things that you are afraid of

learning to check-in with yourself + making sure your needs are heard and met.

Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 9.09_edited.png

commitment to

s e l f

learning your rights
to accomodations and funding.

develop a gratitude practice.

explore mindfulness and calm down techniques made specifically for the A-team.

start a relationship with nature and learn how to
use it therepeutically.

understand your diagnosis.


all neurodivergent humans
are creatively inclined.
explore how this shows up
in your life.

our director,

mehri davis, comes with a

unique skills set. davis has worked

in the following settings-

kids daycamp  -  kids residential camp

 kids residential camp for people wtih DD

adult residential camp for people with severe disabilities and violent behavioral issues. homeless, youth at risk, people with DD with extreme mental health diagnoses, one-on-one with people with barriers in almost all settings. she comes with a master's degree in  education from ohio university, with a counseling mental health focus and 25+ years of studying , working with, and really enjoying this work. davis has also been a lifelong artist and has set up creative spaces for people with various barriers across the country, as well as starting and running the only art studio in the country that was completely managed by artists with developmental disabilities.

this organization is the culmination

of that work and is deeply

grateful for this role. 

1 hr one-on-one
with director.



commitment to

we know

that true, sustained

happiness is difficult, and 

there is one HUGE factor

that changes



we will

explore what it means

to be helped all of your

life and now have the

opportunity to help others.

we will help you commit to 

being a part of this community and combine the skills, interests, talents of all 4 of you

create a project to serve

people in columbus

if you are

happy, but  have nothing

to get  excited about, the happiness is not


BUT, if you

have purpose, you have learned ways to use your gifts to help


this happiness

will sustain.

commitment to


we wil explore the 

various ways to socialize + share stories of social


there are
LOTS of ways to socialize these

learn your
love language

we do a weekly
hangout already, so you will be a part of this in 
some way, and
also do some of
our own social stuff!

become more

aware of  how your presence impacts

others, and what to do when  you realize

you are out of energy and need to

leave a social situation. we

will equip you with the formalities

most people use when socializing, while also helping you see that the way you socialize with others is really up to you!

learn to find
things to do around

learn to budget
your energy
with 'spoons'


2 hrs with your team
to learn about serving others
and purpose

2 hr social event
with our adult hang time crew!

click here to learn more and sign up!

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