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Mehri Davis, Founder and Director of Columbus on the Spectrum, has 20+ years of experience doing arts programming with people on the spectrum was one of 10 recipients of the Best Direct Care Professional in Ohio award in 2018, and has been published internationally in The Art of Autism, the number one resource for all things art-related, for people on the spectrum, in the world. Davis holds a Master's degree in Education, has presented and attended continuing education in the world of mental health and fine art,

and the one thing that has never changed is that everyone can make things.

When we have a building, we will provide studio space for artists to come and work, hang out, and collaborate.

So, creativity is involved because Mehri cannot live without it, and because creativity and making stuff promotes community, cooperation, confidence, growth, and social connection, which we all need.

The vast majority of people on the spectrum are full of creative ideas, however,​ these are not things that are typically celebrated in school, so the creative spirit is often completely hidden. This is where we bring that back.

call for entries

We need to raise some serious money to

provide all of the programming we do, and

are having a T SHIRT design contest, so we can print your design on t-shirts! There 

will be multiple winners and no due date. We have a few submissions, but would love a few more! IF YOU WIN, WE WILL PRINT YOUR DESIGN ON 10 LIMIED EDITION TSHIRTS,

AND OPTIONS TO ORDER YOUR DESIGN PRINTED ON OTHER THINGS like mugs, sweatshirts, backpacks, etc. 


artwork + stickers + tshirts + more for sale in our shop!

coming soon! get in touch if you would like to contribute your artwork.

our art gallery

When we have a building,  the walls

will act as a gallery,  where we will have

art shows  and artists can sell their work. 


we have an online art gallery!

If you are interested in submitting

work to our virtual art gallery, 

give us a shout! 

Artists are invited to  price artwork

to sell, but this is not necessary.


Up to 5 submissions per person to start.

This is not just people on the spectrum,

this is open to anyone that

is a part of our community can be 

a part of our gallery!


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