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Tired of having appointments all over the city and still not happy?

Tired of having so much difficulty socializing that you believe you'll never  have friends or fall in love?  

Tired of believing you 'can't work'?

Tired of having EVERYTHING planned for you?

you have come to the right place.


welcome to W H O L E   S E L F .

t h e   w h o l e   s  e  l  f    p  r  o  g  r a m .

t h e   w h o l e   s  e  l  f    p  r  o  g  r a m .

we created this because we have realized the deep need for human connection with people on the spectrum, but also that the
need for this is deep, not just for neurodivergent humans, but all, as a result of covid. this is a space where you can be YOU. we will work together to explore all aspects of your life and see where the holes are. this program only allows four people at a time. you will have dedicated time with our program director, who comes from 25+ years of experience and research. the whole self program will assess your needs, you will have the support and community of 3 other people who have similar needs to yours, and all the while, will be practicing and learning new skills, having a social outing weekly, and learning leadership skills to be used at the end of the program, where you (as a group) do a project that gives back to the community and gives you a sense of accomplishment + purpose. 

whole self adults

whole self teens

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