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week four. preparation for the next step.

Crystal Salt
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during week four, we will make a goal to be completed by the end of the program, and one for when the program is completed.

you will have the chance to make a plan to accomplish a goal and to 
learn what makes goal-setting work, and what sets you up for failure.

who and what do
you need to make
sure your are realistic
about this next step?

who and what do
you need to consult as you put together your goal.

what is stopping me from reaching this goal?

who and what do
you need to find so you can make action steps and have others help hold you accountable to grow closer to next steps.

everyone participating in the Whole Self program will be given a workbook, created by us, so you can follow along and organize what you are learning.

remember, each week we have seven hours together.
1 hour of one-on-one with program director.
2 hours of skills group (as a group, you choose what you want to learn and we will find someone from the community to teach you those skills and bring them to you!
2 hours of a social event.
2 hours of stewardship, where you will explore what it feels like to have PURPOSE and help others in your community.

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