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week five. what is holding you back?

Crystal Salt
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during week five, we will look at all of the things that have held you up and might hold you up here. we will learn skills to deal with
difficult situations and find answers when you feel like there is no more hope.

by week five, you and your teammates will know one another well, so this is the week where we provide help and ideas for one another, as well as look at what is personally holding us back.

what is the fear?
learn to sit with the fear and hold it instead of it hitting you in the face like a ton of bricks.

who and what do
you need to get moving when you
get stuck?

who is in my way?

what prevents you from trying? we will help you understand the reasons you are less likely to try new things than those around you, and help you get to a place where this feels okay.

who are my best cheerleaders?

learn about boundaries. which boundaries do I have to set to help make this happen?

everyone participating in the Whole Self program will be given a workbook, created by us, so you can follow along and organize what you are learning.

remember, each week we have seven hours together.
1 hour of one-on-one with program director.
2 hours of skills group (as a group, you choose what you want to learn and we will find someone from the community to teach you those skills and bring them to you!
2 hours of a social event.
2 hours of stewardship, where you will explore what it feels like to have PURPOSE and help others in your community.

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