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week six. how do you build on your success?

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Crystal Salt
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during week six, we will create a plan to build on successes, in order to maintain a positive momentum to continue to reach your goals, and to feel a stable foundation as you grow.

by week six, you and your teammates will have decided on your service project and how you want to bring it to life.  we will use each other's skills to create a solid plan that uses all of the strengths in your team to execute. week six is also a change to hear from your other teammates about the positive things they have noticed about you during the six weeks. we will talk about, 'believing compliments', because we know that is sometimes really hard for our population.

what have I learned
about my leadership style during this program?

what did I realize I was good at that I didn't know I was good at!

why did this program feel better with a team? what did you learn about your leadership style during the program?

who is best to surround yourself
with when you have success?

who are people I should stay away
from when I have joy to share because they make me feel bad about it when I have something positive to share?

revisit boundaries.
make a few statements
about boundaries
that have worked before + boundaries that were unsuccessful.

everyone participating in the Whole Self program will be given a workbook, created by us, so you can follow along and organize what you are learning.

remember, each week we have seven hours together.
1 hour of one-on-one with program director.
2 hours of skills group (as a group, you choose what you want to learn and we will find someone from the community to teach you those skills and bring them to you!
2 hours of a social event.
2 hours of stewardship, where you will explore what it feels like to have PURPOSE and help others in your community.

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