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people who you don't understand,
who would have been vital parts of your teams and business if you had taken the time to inform yourself and understand these humans. 

1 in 36 children in America are born with autism.
this number continues to grow each year...

Heading 2


will be surrounded by a group of people
who could change the world...

and will not be doing so with you.

education + training




for small businesses
see below to join in!


hire us to train your
staff! We have a corporate training program for HR employees and direct supervisors to inform them of all of the best practices when working with someone on the spectrum.  We also offer this training to athletic departments in schools, police, firefighters, name it! All we want is to make this world work for this fantastic population of humans, so, you ask, we deliver! There is a lot more to this, if you would like to learn more, 


what does this mean?

it means that if you are not educated on how
best to communicate and work with people
on the spectrum, 

your business, the team you coach, and every
other part of your life

How to get your small business endorsed by Columbus on the Spectrum

Columbus on the Spectrum's
small business training +

If you are bigger or corporate, we have a training for you, too! interested?

we offer a training package for small businesses, after which your business will receive a sticker that looks like this...

to put in your front window. This indicates to people on the spectrum that you have been through our training on how to best serve customers on the spectrum. We offer this as a mass training, and are holding our first mass training at Derive Brewing in Clintonville on February 22nd from 2-4pm.

Any small businesses around Columbus who are interested and reside outside of Clintonville, please get in touch and we will organize a training! If you are willing to host, even better! Lets bring our community together to collectively continue to make Columbus, Ohio the most neurodivergent-friendly city in the United States.
ready when you are, shoot us an email at 


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