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Mehri has spent the last 25 yrs working with marginalized populations, earned a master’s degree in education, counseling focus from Ohio University. While these sessions are not counseling, they will help you (or your human) explore the things that get in the way of feeling your best, accessing the city, and living up to your true potential.

When you begin sessions

with Mehri, you are joining a

network that will connect

you to services and

relationships, fostering your

independence. When you

are ready, Mehri will slowly

involve you with others in

the crew, and help you start

to form relationships.

5 spots left!

one-on-one with Mehri1.png




one-on-one hour with our director

schedule is
8a-12p. Don't 
let this stop
you from joining, we can be flexible!


sessions are one

hour, however, if

you realize you

would get more

out of it if it was

longer, price

changes, but is

also possible.


cost $250/hour.
BUT we are putting this on the sliding scale, so if you cannot pay that much, you can still get to hang out with us!

BUT not always.

when we move
into our office, we will have 
more in-person


Because this isn’t

counseling, you will have the

opportunity for Mehri to see

how you interact with others.

why is that important? If someone who has a social deficit and low self-awareness (most neurdivergent humans), this means the counselor only knows what your relationships are like from your perspective. Mehri started her counseling career at a residential teen rehab, and saw the amazing insight that comes with watching the residents interact, and has held this dear since.  this is a different kind of

program. these sessions with work on creativity, self, skills, growth, curiosity.

sign-up today
start as early
as next week!

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