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whole self explained in more detail.

whole self is seven hours per week, is facilitated by our Director, Mehri Davis,

and includes the following...

1 hour one-on-one with Mehri

2 hours in four-person skills group with Mehri, but taught by community members

2 hours of a social event with other Columbus on the Spectrum crew.

2 hours of stewardship with Mehri







our philosophy.

we believe in person-centered programming. this means we have a framework for the program, but that no two groups will ever be exactly the same, because part of this is figuring out what YOU want to grow and learn in this process. we are aware that seven hours a week with one instructor opens the door to codependency, which is why we are developing a database of names of people in the community who volunteer to teach specific skills. example- your team wants to learn more about animals, specifically photographing them. our director goes to the database and looks like 'animals photography', and will find someone who knows about both (or two different teachers for you!) to come in and teach you! CLICK HERE TO ADD TO THE DATABASE! (database coming soon!)

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