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meet the team.

Mehri Davis, M.Ed, LPC

Founder + Program Director

our mission

Creating opportunities for and with

neurodiverse people while building

community, raising awareness, and

centralizing resources for growing into the life we all deserve.

I have spent most of my life outside of, 'the box.' Mine may have been a circle, no box. I remember a lot of boring things in school. But, the weird ones, the teachers, friends and supervisors and houseless, these are the people I remember.

I remember every single person who stuck their neck out for me growing up, there were not many. Over the years, I realized that I am really...weird. And that its awesome! And that means I am one people will remember. It also means that I have been the kid in the corner. The best advice I have ever been given was camp counselor training. 'find the kid in the corner, and make him the king of camp.' So, I am looking for the kid in the corner...and he will ABSOLUTELY be the king of camp.

 so where do I belong?
         it took a long time, but I finally found my
   tribe. the ones who society forgot about because they
   were 'too weird'. You know what? They are always the
      most interesting AND the most creative. I found 
       my tribe, and am ready to welcome you into it.
          where are 'your people'?               

 right here.

Neon Love

Maggie Quinn


we have a group of excellent board members. check back to meet the team!

what we are about

Our culture is the most important part of this place.

Whats up, A-team?
Lets get some things straight!

We all know a ton of things,
we all also don't know a ton of things.
Stay humble.

You aren't better than me and I am not better than you.  
if you see someone struggling,
take a chance and offer to help!

We are going to continue to refer to y'all as the
A-team at Columbus on the Spectrum, but there are TONS of different words used to reference Autism, and some are really mean and NOT inclusive.

Also, many people on the spectrum who see themselves as, 'more independent than most people on the spectrum,' are very vocal about, 'not wanting to hang out with 'those people', meaning those who are less independent.
A-teamers also sometimes sound rude, because they typically speak with direct language. We are committed to helping one another with all things. 

Stay humble,
because we are all in this together,
and it is okay to make mistak
es, we do too! 

We would like to make it completely clear that, while we will use language rooted in independence and not, 'high or low functioning', it is expected AT ALL TIMES that everyone is respectful of everyone else. There is no smarter or dumber. There is no, 'he can't hold a conversation, I mean look at him.'

We will always treat everyone as someone who can teach us something. Period.
maybe that guy who is 'so much lower than you' knows more about pokemon cards than you. maybe the person who is, 'so much smarter than you' has a few things to learn from you!
maybe, just maybe, we all shine in different ways.

If we observe behavior or language that points to people being 'better than' one another, we will address it and happily remind you that we are lovers, not dividers.

All events will be inclusive. This means its time to check your bias! If you find yourself struggling and judging someone who is different from you, we would love to support you through a path to understanding. By joining our crew, you are promising you will hold yourself responsible for maintaining the culture of our group, and admit that we are all forever works in progress.

one last thing. this is
home where you can be you.
home where we get it without you  having to tell us.

welcome home.


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